BTC Update: Interior Painting and Trim


As part of the ‘Built to Cruise‘ project here at StangNet, restoration of the 1989 Mustang was in order.  We not only planned to convert the ‘Notch over to the new 2011 5.0 Coyote engine, but we wanted to give this 1989 a nice big refresh.  The car’s interior was originally Blue but any Mustangfan knows the rare and not often found Black interior is the way to go.  We wanted to document our adventure in converting this Notch over to having a black interior and share with you some of the techniques we learned along the way as well as where to find parts and what all products are needed to make it happen, in a ‘professional’ way so to speak.  Jump on over and follow along as we give a brief overview of the details and we also hope that this may help down the road when refreshing your FOX Mustang.  Article is over on our StangNet main blog.


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