BTC Update: Rear Interior


The back half of the Coupe/Notch is about wrapped up.  Here you can see a shot of the TMI Mach1 Fox Leather back seat and the dyed ‘Black’ rear trim panels and the new TMI Coupe headliner.

A note on the rear panels.  Various model years are not the same.  I am not sure of the year of these panels but there is a difference at the rear where it meets the rear deck, some kind of notch cut out for something, does not quite wrap the rear window correctly and then the shoulder belt hole is higher up on these panels and will require drilling a hole to match the B pillar bolt hole.  One day I will try to find some ’89 panels and dye them black.  The only reason we switched panels from the ones that came in the car  were because they were blue in color and all chalked up from sun fade… paint/dye was not going to stick.  So be warned, check the year of used panels with the year of your car and make sure they are the same.


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