BTC Update: Tuning and Such


It’s been a while I know, after our major rush to finish the car and take it on tour this summer and the car being basically done, we took a moment to focus on some other tasks.  Another reason for some of the delay on progression was our ability to drive the car consistently/safely in traffic or trips.  There was a serious idle issue once you came to a stop and this just caused the car to die.   If you are physically doing this swap or have been following these Coyote swaps you know what we are referring to.


As of right now, we were able to get a ‘tune’ for the current idle issue from JMS Chip (contact them for more info). They have solved the majority of the issues as far as we can tell.  We still want a full blown tune and plan to head over to JMS in Mississippi in the coming months.  This will give us a solid tune to get the most power and drivability; and we will also be able to give you guys some numbers you have been hammering for. 😉


We are also hearing from several sources that Ford is working/suggesting that VSS be setup/modified on these swaps to help with the known idle issue.  We will be mapping this out soon in upcoming posts.


House Cleaning Updates:


1.  Clutch cable seems to have stretched and binded on us.  We are replacing that soon and also will be removing the ‘black’ support from the clutch fork, as it seems to be causing the clutch to not fully engage giving us some slip at 3rd and 4th low rpm pulls.  Anyone see this before?  Decking somewhere is causing plate finger height clearance for us we guess, the combo of the 5.0, 4.6l bell, 4.6l RAM clutch possibly.


2.  Front Sway Bar – We are going to try the High Flow Performance Coyote project setup they have working for now.  As some may or may not know clearance for a FOX swaybar is just not obtainable due to the Alternator location, and also the P/S if you have that in the A/C location.  We are going to take some SN95 swaybar brackets and mount them to the FOX location tabs in the engine bay.  Then use end links without the sleeves and space them with some washers.  It’s not pretty but its better than ‘NO’ swaybar.  It will hang low, but everything on the car hangs low. 🙂  Will post up our findings later.


3.  Exhaust – We are going to replace the Magnaflow Magnapak mufflers for their normal Oval mufflers they produce for the 5.0.  Don’t hear me wrong, the exhaust has a killer note and makes a statement with this setup, but it is really loud.  Maybe Im getting old but it just needs to be toned down a bit.  Driving softly constantly worried about a cop hearing you is no fun when all you really want to do is play a bit, not get everyone to look! 🙂


4.  Pedal Bracket Adaptor – For the swap we had designed a bracket for the swaps.  We currently are having these produced and plan to have them ready for sale at the beginning of the year.  This design will allow for easy installation in to any 79-04 Mustang and any project you have that utilizes a vertical firewall, like a kit car, truck etc.  We have a lot of requests for this part so stay tuned for more information.


Look for more detailed updates, I hope to start posting some more information about our project detailing some of the steps and components used.


Also, personally I have been very busy over at StangNet rebuilding our Forums to a new system and that took away my shop time for computer time. If you have not stopped by recently, please do and let us know what you think (!


Cheers, MRaburn. 


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