BTC Water Temp Sending Setup

On the heater hoses.  This was easier than expected.  Just order you a set of factory 2011 5.0 hoses from a Ford parts source as the engine side connectors are quick connecters and the ends are not nippled for regular hose and clamps.  Then on the passenger side hose you can cut it off at the FOX location and secure it to the heater core input side. The sizes are the same.  Then on the driver side, we cut it off after its factory bend turned the corner behind the intake near the fire wall, then used a 5/8 hose adaptor/conector to connect it to a piece of 5/8 hose with a 90 degree end on it.  We picked this up from a local parts house.  Just ask to look at their hose rack in the back and find a 90 degree piece and measure to make sure it is a 5/8 size then you trim to fit and mount it to the return outlet on the heater core with the 90 degree end on the heater core and turning back to behind the intake.  Easy peasy.


2011 Heater Hose Part #s

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