BTC Water Overflow Setup

We chose not to go with a DE-Gas bottle setup as we wanted to keep the setup clean and also not have to plumb and make fit the oversized DE-Gas bottles. We went with the old school setup and made it easier to mate to the FOX style radiator and also kept the engine bay clean.  We have several miles on the car, in HOT weather, and have never really ever went anywhere near 200 degrees on water temp… she seems to stay steady at 185.

The setup:  We mounted a Canton overflow bottle on the passenger side fender liner panel.  On the engine, there is a water housing with a long silver nipple that sticks straight up in the air.  We believe this to be the ‘fill’ point when the cars are at the factory, this way they can pressure fill the system.  This is also the highest point on the engine and perfect for the vent area.  From this nipple we ran some water hose to the bottom fitting on the reservoir.  Then the larger open nipple pointing at the radiator at the water housing connection we just capped this off, this is the connection for the DE-Gas bottle which we do not need.  Then since our reservoir radiator cap is higher than the radiator cap, we designed this setup for it to be the cap that would vent.  We used a 16lb cap on the reservoir and then a 19lb cap on the radiator, which really could just be a non-vented cap but we chose a ‘just in case’ option for it to spill over.  Then from both overflow nipples, we just ran water hose from that and down and out hidden to spill through the frame if overflow occurred.

See the noted images for help.

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