BTC Update: It’s all in the details.. and Time.


Just wanted to make a quick update for those following along… I am sure some of you are wondering what is going on with the project and why the delay in updates.  Mostly there has been a lot of background things going on.  When we set out on the project we did not want to pull off a ‘one off’ restoration and swap.  We wanted people to follow along with what we had done and feel confident that you guys could source the parts and do the swaps/restorations yourself.  That is where we are, and we are glad to say that those hurdles have pretty much been cleared, but it does extend the build finish time until about the middle of February.


What we have working for those who need the details:


  • BBK has finished engineering some long tube headers and X-pipes for FOX swap.  Expect to have these in our hand in early February and not sure when they will be available at the dealer level, probably late March.
  • Cold Air Kit – Currently the ones we have found on the market that are specific for the 2011 models turn the bend out of the throttle body to late and are hitting the FOX radiator.  BBK is going to look at making their 5.0 CAI fit the FOX swaps and their setup will allow you not to have to tune the PCM.  Also you could bend your own 3.5″ tubing but be known that at the MAF you need to make sure you are measuring at 3.5″ diameter and you should be OK.  Also look at a smaller cone filter at the end like a GT500 filter, we are hearing reports than larger conical filters are actually causing power to be lost.
  • Power Steering Bracket – Ford Racing has a bracket in production and should be out soon, this will allow use of 2005 Mustang components. So you will need to source those.  They hope to in the future come up with a bracket that will allow the use of BOTH A/C and P/S.
  • We got word that the early FOX front sway bars are hitting the Alternator on the new 5.0 engine.  We believe and so does High Flow Fuel who are doing their own 5.0 swap, that a late model SN95 sway bar and hangers will do the trick.
  • We should have our final version of the J&M K-member in early next week… once we get that here we will start the install of the front suspension, brake system and fuel system, stay tuned for those updates soon… this will help us move forward on our project and something for you guys to nibble on while we wait for the BBK headers.