BTC Update: FOX Mustang Door Trim Restoration


As part of the Built to Cruise project, restoration of the FOX body has always been part of the plan.  We have had the Mustang back from paint for about 3 weeks.  We are still waiting on some more engine parts before moving on to the drive-train, so we started on other parts of the Mustang.  After some SEMS black trim paint being applied back to the door and jam area where it was originally applied, we started to put the door and exterior trim back on the car.  This is an update and details of the parts used.  Cleaning up and/or replacing the trim area around the door makes a big difference on these cars.  Take a peek at the images and parts listed for reference.
We sourced these parts from Late Model Restoration and CJ Pony Parts. 



QTR Window Coupe

Roof Rail Molding

Door Belt

Run Channel Liners

Outside Belt Strip

Door Striker


The new mirrors come in a shiny new smooth black.  Of all the new parts, these are the only ones that needed to be painted to match the trim black look that is on the Mustang.  After we taped up the mirror glass, we cleaned the mirror bodies with some Dupont Prepsol which removes any contaminants.  Then we applied some Klean-Strip Bulldog Adhesion Promoter.  Then we sprayed them with the SEMS black trim paint.  They look great!  

The run channel liners are the felt strips that run around the frame of the door and down in to the track for the window.  Removing the glass seemed to be the only way to replace these, we could be wrong?.  Since we sent the car to paint, we had already removed them.  Installing this piece makes a huge difference as the felt is soft and pliable again, and the exterior rubber part is new and clean. 

Having some aluminum rivets on hand are necessary to replace the outside belt strips but replacing them are well worth the effort. 

Rear coupe quarter windows.  We were able to get one new for the passenger side from CJ Pony Parts, but it looks like Carlite who makes these will not repair the tools that make these parts, so sourcing new windows looks to be impossible now.  That is a shame for sure.  We are currently looking for a clean driver side to repair to a ‘new’ look. 

All and all this part of the restoration was not that difficult, but does require some patience and skill.


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