BTC Update: New Rear Tail Lights installed


We got some new Fox LX tailights from Late Model Restoration and installed them today.  I know a lot of people like the GT tail lights, but I am not a fan.  These lenses new out of the box have a good bit of the lens trim molding in a Fox grey.  I assume this was a factory color and they all came this way?  I wanted these to be black all the way around so I taped off the lenses, cleaned them up with some Dupont Presol and painted them nice and pretty with some SEMS Trim Black.


After installing them I noticed on the passenger side that the outside edge that matches up with the rear quarter seemed to be too far inward exposing some of the seam molding where they taillight would normally cover up.  I don’t think this was because of the lens itself, but one of those ‘tolerance’ things from the factory.  To fix this, I took a die grinder with a drill cutting bit and lengthened the holes (6 of them) to the right, allowing the lens to shift outboard.  This worked like a charm.


Now the true paint/body line is matching up with the lens perfect.  Also of note, when you install a set of these, be sure to get your up and down height correct.  You do not want them resting on the bumper cover, they should be some were around 1/4″ above the bumper, and use your deck lid line to make sure you are parallel all the way across.


Also for those following along, we got in the radiator hoses today.  We ordered from Tousley Ford some stock 2011 5.0 hoses, these will work fine, the bends match up perfect to our Mishimoto radiator.  Only thing is that the upper hose is 1 1/2″ and the radiator upper inlet is 1 1/4″.  Jonathan over at Late Model said just use a nice screw type clamp and it will seal up just fine.  They run it this way over there at Late Model on many of there mod swaps they have in house.


‘Til next time! 😉