BTC Update: J&M K-Member for the new 5.0


We test fitted the newly designed K-member from J&M today in the BTC
project. They designed this new K-member to function/work in 79-04
Mustangs. It comes with 2 LCA arm positions and with or without
spring perches (for coil overs) and you will be able to use your own
stock LCAs, and I believe they will be making their own J&M LCAs as
well. This will also work for other 4.6L engines and they will be
fitting pushrod mounts as well for the setup.


The design is radical for sure. No tubing used which actually carries
less material if you were to compare to tubing metal content.


The engine went in like a charm and we noted some simple changes we
think would benefit the setup and will be going over these with them
soon and getting another one built to spec. We wanna tweak the engine
mount platforms to give more room for header clearance and some box
strength for the platform.


This piece is solid. They put a lot of time in the engineering of this
thing for sure! The K-member is much lighter compared to stock and we
will get an official weight soon.


There are changes to this new 5.0 motor with the oil pan and some room
had to be made in the design of a K-member to accept. The engine is
sitting at stock height and to our jubilee the FOX stock hood will
work just fine!! The rack mount locations are a little lower (on
purpose) and will require a bump steer kit to get the perfect


I’ll keep you posted on this one, but we are excited to see this piece
from J&M and appreciate their hard work on getting something built to
fill this new market.


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